Humidity and Pollution Galore – Changing Color and How our Perceptions Change

For my first Visual Assignment, I chose to do the Color Changer assignment worth 2 stars.  It was the first one listed, so ideally I wanted to skip over it to not be THAT person to choose cheap oakleys the first, but decided it was interesting and to give it a whirl.  I took Wholesale NFL Jerseys a picture from one of my hiking adventures and played around to see what I could do.  The prompt was simply: “Take any picture in the entire world and change the color hue of the picture to completely change how it looks!…”

To complete this challenge I took a photo and in my simple photo editor (through my photo app on my computer) played garden around with the temperature, moving it all the way up, the tint, moving it all the way down, and the saturation, moving it all the way cheap oakleys up.  This changed the natural colors to have move or a green tinge to them.  This made the hike appear more polluted and in my eyes more humid.  You might say, “How does something appear humid?” but with color changes pictures can remind you of certain places, and with a more green tint, it reminds me of a shade similar to a rain forest, which always seems to be a humid place.  You can see in the original picture that it was a beautiful clear looking day!  Through the website I placed them next to each other to be able to clearly see the differences.

This photo was originally posted to my flickr, but is added here cheap nfl jerseys as well! Enjoy!

<a hockey jerseys href=””>ColorChanger

Color Changer. Left – original, Right – color changed.


What do you think?  What does the change in color show or provoke?

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